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Peace to everyone- Joe2grand from London,England just letting you know i have been on a mission the last 18 months or so creating a collection of 67 of the most sought after and desirable pieces but in miniature!

They are small sculptures that fit inside your hand (maybe 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide) constructed of a hand made wire coat hanger, polymer artist clay (that bakes hard, like a plastic, in the oven).The knits, i have created all in clay ,as i feel this reflects the nature of the stitched/woven nature of the item and where items have precise,cartoon or photographic type designs then i will recreate these in the final stages using acrylic paint, a tiny paint brush and a microscope!

I have completed 40 so far and have completed lots of the classics we all know and love (Suicides,92 Skis,Bear Sweaters,riviera,Polo Match etc etc )......i hope to arrange some gallery shows here in the UK,Europe and the states later in 2014 or shortly after....

You can view some of them here at my site

I wanted to say that the inspiration and motivation comes of course from my love and interest of the RL classics but also as a tribute to the Lo Lifes and Lo Heads, collectors and lovers of all things RL that i have met and communicated with over the years...including of course the mighty Wiggz Wellington!

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Comment by Famousname on March 4, 2014 at 10:34pm

That is a lot of work you put in there, homes. Well done.


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